Our Price Guarantee

You get great quality for up to 40% less

You will save on products that are up to 40% less expensive than our competitors.  Our buyers have sourced products from Canadian, US, and offshore manufacturers that offer great quality for less than comparable suppliers. Because we are not obligated to sell primarily one particular manufacturer’s products, we can offer you solutions that are the best value for your money.

You get the savings from efficient and effective operations

By outsourcing our warehousing, delivery, installation and IT management, we have created an efficient and effective organization that saves you money. You get lower prices because our overheads are the lowest in the industry. Your orders are delivered at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time by some of the most efficient and professional service providers in our city. Your dollars buy a lot more at our company, and you will receive the lowest prices on all your purchases, not just the first one.  

Price Match Guarantee

We will price match any retailer in our local market areas selling the same products for less.  The items must be in stock or available for delivery within 2 weeks at that price advertised from an authorized retailer operating in our market area.  The item must be identical, including model number, components and warranty.  This does not apply to “door crasher” sales, one time offers, mail in rebates, anniversary, clearances or liquidation sales.  All details must be easily verifiable.

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