Furniture Trade-in Program

Trade-in and save today or receive a credit
for future requirements

By using our furniture trade-in program, you can trade in your old modular office furniture against your purchase of new remanufactured furniture.  Or simply send back your old, used and surplus modular office furniture to be used as a credit against your future office furniture requirements.

Stop spending money to store surplus furniture

You no longer need to pay someone to store and handle your surplus furniture inventory. Send back your old, used and surplus furniture for credit against your future requirements, and free up valuable real estate for other purposes. Or just stop paying others to store your inventory of surplus furniture.

You can now get discontinued paints, fabrics and products

All too often, manufacturers such as Haworth, Steelcase and Herman Miller discontinue specific paints, fabrics and parts due to low volume sale. While these products are no longer available from the authorized dealer, our remanufacturer is able to provide these products to you for up to 50% less than the original price.