Designing Collaborative Office Spaces

Collaborative & Productive Office Space

More and more research is turning up everyday that states that the open plan work environment is not supporting how people work. Eliminating office dividers is not the solution to increasing collaboration. Many companies have fallen into the “open plan desking & benching trap” in the search for real estate savings and the desire to increase collaboration. We can design your office space to be collaborative and productive.

Collaborative Office Space that offers Visual and Acoustic Privacy

Creating a high performance, collaborative office space requires having multiple work settings for employees to use throughout the day to support how they work and providing the visual and acoustical privacy needed for the type of work being done. You can have a office space that offers collaborative spaces, but also provides all employees with visual and acoustic privacy throughout their entire work day.

Increase collaboration among employees

Increase “we” spaces without increasing your real estate costs

Technology continually increases our freedom to work whenever and wherever we want. This freedom has resulted in the need for more face to face collaboration among employees, but most office environments are designed based on maximizing the provision of individual space or “I” space. Employees are demanding more and more collaboration or “we” spaces. By designing around processes and people, we can create office spaces to encourage interaction and to allow workers to share content, information and knowledge.