Increase Profits by Designing Better Office Spaces

Increase employee happiness to increase profits

We will help you increase your company’s profits by getting employees engaged

A satisfied employee is a good employee, but an engaged employee is a GREAT employee. Past research has shown that employee satisfaction leads to increased profits, but the latest research has found that while 75% of Canadian workers are satisfied with their job, less than 24% are engaged.

We will help you increase employee engagement by changing their physical space

Physical space impacts the physical connections of people within the workplace. Employees’ level of happiness in their job is directly connected to the amount of control they have over their work environment and the social environment that has been created in the workplace. All business, whether they be a small, medium or large enterprise operating in Ottawa, Halifax or St. John’s, need happy and productive workers to achieve their corporate goals.

We will help you increase support of corporate goals by getting workers engaged

Workspace design has direct effect on employee engagement. Employee engagement is directly linked to support of corporate strategy and goals. We can help you create a high performance workplace that engages employees, builds alignment with corporate goals and improves the sustainability of your organization. Our highly skilled office furnishings consultants operating in Ottawa, Halifax and St. John’s can help show you how to create engaging workspaces.