An Office Ergonomic Program

Why Ergonomics Programs make good business sense

Ergonomics is a benefit for companies – not a cost. An ergonomics program takes a systematic approach and offers businesses a common sense strategy to eliminating unnecessary musculoskeletal disorders from the workplace.

The five main reasons for an ergonomics program are as follows:

  • A proactive ergonomic program ensures that you don’t inadvertently injury your employees.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders are preventable and these injuries cost your business money daily.
  • Ergonomic Programs

  • It costs no more to choose a good ergonomic design for a workspace then it is to choose a bad design.
  • Good ergonomic programs focus on reducing costs to your company by:
    • a. Reducing injuries
    • b. Reducing absenteeism
    • c. Reducing employee errors
  • Good ergonomics programs are ALWAYS cost-effective – they save more than they cost. Many studies have shown this. A basic program of educating workers in ergonomics and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders is in a company’s best interests and will result in improved productivity.

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