Computer Aided Interior Design

Shorten your overall project lead time

Our software allows us to complete your original drawings 10 times faster and make changes 100 times faster than other popular design software. This means that we will be able to complete the design process quicker and shorten the time it takes to specify, order, deliver and install your office furniture requirements.

Improve the overall satisfaction of all stakeholders with the final workspace solution

We can provide you with photo realistic and 3D drawings to preview what your office will look like before you place your order.  This will allow you to engage all stakeholders in the design process and increase their satisfaction with the final workspace solution by getting their feedback on the proposed design.  Your risk in buying office furniture that no one likes or that doesn’t fit within you space is significantly reduced when using photo realistic drawings to make decisions.

Decrease deficiencies and delays to your project

Human error and possible misinterpretations are significantly reduced with our design software.  Parts lists and finishes are automatically updated and created as the drawings for your space are created.  By significantly decreasing the likelihood of mistakes caused by input errors, you significantly decrease the risk of frustrating employees with delays to completing your project.