Tayco Workstation Package SAWSTC-1


SA #: E60PQ-140003/005/PQ (PSAB Stream)

SA #: E60PQ-140003/057/PQ (General Stream)

Product Size: 12’3” x 24’6”

Price is per unit (6 shown)

Product Details:  Group of 6 with workstations.  Each workstation has a programmable 30″ deep x 48″ wide height adjustable desk and a 24” deep x 72” wide fixed desk.  Each workstation is 72” x 96”’ allowing space for either a guest chair or a wardrobe/file storage tower at the end of the desk.  Panel height is 53″.  Panels feature a frosted 16” high section at the top of each panel that is also available in clear acrylic.   Other panel configurations are available.


Optional Items Shown:

  • Metal Wardrobe/File Storage Towers $1,595
  • Dual Monitor Arms $495
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Platform and Mechanism $265

Product Options:

  • Tayco Laminates
  • Tayco Handles
  • Tayco Metal Finishes
  • Tayco Panel Upholstery 1
  • Tayco Panel Upholstery 2
  • Tayco Panel Upholstery Momentum