Ergonomic Office Chairs on Supply Arrangement

Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Chairs

Standard and Custom Chairs Available QUICK

The below chairs can be purchased via a call-up against the supply arrangement, with a local purchase order or by credit card. Supply Arrangement SA# E60PQ-120001/003/PQ.

All chairs are available with 4-way adjustable arms, seat depth adjustment, lumbar height adjustment, adjustable height backs, adjustable pump-up lumbar, adjustable head rests, seat angle and seat tilt adjustment. Seats available in custom sizes. Both mesh and fully upholstered seats and backs available. Both swivel and lateral width adjustable arms available.

High weight ratings plus Parts & Labour Warranty

Chairs with weight ratings from 280 to 500 lbs. Chairs with 280 lb and 300 lb rating have a 10 year warranty on mechanisms, arms, foam and fabric; chairs with a greater weight rating & chairs rated for 24 hours have a 5 year warranty. Plus Size seating warranty is valid for users weighing up to 350 lbs. Heavy Duty seating are rated for users up to 400 lbs. Bariatric Task seating available for users up to 500 lbs. The warranty covers the shipping of parts and the labour to repair the chair.

1. $905.85 T-MBMESH-SG-TLSAL-TCL360
2. tCentric Hybrid with Leather Seat
4. $752.40 GEO-XTB-MT-AL-TCL360-AHR
5. $909.45 GEO-XTB-MT-AL-TCL360-AHR
6. $362.97 ECO-MESH-S-3SWVOT
7. $405.89 SAF-TBR-MT-3SWVOT

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