Aboriginal Supplier

Achieve your department’s performance objectives

Having spent over twenty years supplying federal government departments with their office furniture requirements, Terry Hickey, owner of e3 Office Furniture & Interiors, formed a partnership with his aboriginal relatives to create Mi’kmaq Office Furniture & Interiors, an Atlantic Canadian owned Aboriginal business.

This partnership allows each federal government department in Atlantic Canada to support the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses (PSAB) and achieve their department’s established Aboriginal procurement performance objectives. All purchases from Mi’kmaq Office Furniture & Interiors are counted towards each department’s performance objectives with respect to contracting done with Aboriginal suppliers.  For further information on PSAB, please visit the Indian and Northern Affair website.

The lowest prices for the highest quality guaranteed

You are able to contribute to achieving your department’s performance objectives and get the lowest prices for the highest quality.  Mi’kmaq Office Furniture & Interiors has a full range of products available via National Master Supply arrangement (NMSA).  Only products that have been tested to Canadian General Standard Board (CGSB) certifications are placed on NMSA. You receive the special contract prices negotiated by the federal government with the holders of the standing offers, and your department receives credit for your purchases with Mi’kmaq Office Furniture & Interiors.