Lecture Seating

Selecting the right chair is just as important for lecture or learning environment settings as it is for workplace settings. A comfortable attendee will more likely be an attentive listener and the design of the space will affect the tone of the presentation and the engagement of the attendees.

Several factors should be taken into account in deciding the type of seating and design of the space. How long will the lecture be? Will it be a 1.5 hour lecture or full day event? Will attendees have the freedom to come and go throughout the lecture or will they be expected to sit and stay during the entire presentation? Will the room need to be multi-purpose and will the furniture need be removed or moved to accommodate different functions or presentation styles of the presenter?

Will the presentations be lectures or will they be presentations designed to engage the audience? Some presenters like to engage their audience to participate in the presentations. The design of the space and the type of seating will have an effect on attendee engagement in the presentation. Our furnishings and design consultants can help identify these factors and provide you with the solution to fits your requirements.

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