Space Dividers

COVID-19 – Office Place Control

Installing barriers or partitions is one of the controls recommended for protecting office workers from exposure to COVID-19. The below images illustrate numerous product options that we have available to create barriers within the office space.

Freestanding Dividers

We have freestanding dividers that can be placed around existing furniture or between work areas to create a physical separation of employees. Dividers can be freestanding in a straight line with the use of optional feet supports on the dividers. Dividers can also be supported by either connecting them to each other at a 90-degree angle, attaching them to the interior walls, or by connecting them to existing furniture. Space dividers are available with either a hard laminate surface or in a fabric-covered surface. Clear or frosted glazing is available in some brands of products. Quick ship dividers can be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks.

Ceiling Hung Dividers

We have acoustic dividers that can be hung from the ceiling to create separation within the open workplace. The dividers can be placed to control the flow or access of people into an area. Ceiling hung dividers are constructed of superior sound-absorbing material and they are available in 30 standard color combinations. Ceiling hung dividers are easily installed and can be easily repositioned should you need to reconfigure your workspace. The dividers are available in a solid sheet for greater physical separation or they can be manufactured in one of many standard patterns allowing some visual access to adjoining areas.

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