Custom Fitted Ergonomic Office Chairs

Custom Made in 3 Weeks!

If you have been unable to find a standard office chair to fit you, then you should consider having an ergonomic office chair customized to fit you. Our office furnishings consultants can recommend chairs that will help improve your comfort!. Your chair will be delivered direct to your office or home doorstep within 3 weeks of placing your order.

Chairs Designed to Reduce and Eliminate Your Pain

If you have a documented injury or having been seeing a doctor or physiotherapist for an ongoing pain, then you will need an office chair that helps reduce or eliminate the your pain. Our Office Furnishings Consultants work regularly with qualified occupational therapist & physiotherapist to provide clients with custom fitted ergonomic office chairs. We can help you too!

Click Here to have an Office Furnishings Consultant contact you to review your requirements. You can also upload recommendations from your doctor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist for review by our consultants.

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